It Could Only Happen To A Blind Person

Yesterday evening a friend on Facebook shared one of those “Funny stories you have to read”, and for a change I decided to not do my usual thing of skipping straight over it, but I read on.

For once I had to agree that it was pretty hilarious, a woman and her guide dog were travelling on a plane to Sidney, where it stopped for refuelling.

Everyone else got off of the plane to stretch their legs a bit, and the lady Cathy stayed on the plane with her dog.

The pilot must have recognised the lady as a regular passenger as he greeted her by name, and offered to help her off of the plane so she could get a bit of fresh air.

Instead, she asked the pilot to take her dog out so he could have a bit of a walk, the pilot happily did so.

There was mass panic as the passengers saw him walking out of the plane with a guide dog in tow.

Apparently there were even people trying to change flights, and there were complaints about there supposedly blind pilot.

I would have loved to have seen everyones faces as the pilot stepped from the plane,, no pun intended here.

In the spirit of funny blind related stories, I’ve come up with a few of my own.

5. As some of you may have already read in the sun column I wrote, a very well meaning lady obviously recognised me as a regular traveller, so she bent down to tell my guide dog Tara, that the number 14 was on its way… I think I muttered thank you on her behalf, I wasn’t sure what else to say.
4. Me and Tara had been out in London all day, so it was late by the time I got back to Reading. We got on the bus, and I told Tara to find us a seat, now usually she is a pro at doing this, and to be fair on her she found us a seat… it just wasn’t empty. I found this out as I plonked myself down on an unsuspecting man’s lap. I only wonder now why he didn’t say anything straight away.
3. A few weeks after qualifying with Tara I ventured in to town to try and master finding my way around the Auricle shopping centre, I was absolutely fine until the very end when we were trying to find our way to the exit.
I got us a little bit confused, and we ended up walking around in circles for some minutes, until I could work out which direction we were meant to be going.
Unfortunately before I could achieve this a security guard saw me, and wondered over to help, this resulted in him radioing over to every other security guard in the shopping centre that, “There is a blind lady with a dog, who is confuse. If you see her she needs help”.

I’m sure I don’t need to point out how embarrassing this situation was. Its safe to say I went home after that and called it a day.
2. This next one actually involves a little bit of guide dog mischief, which mine and my boyfriends dogs seem to be very good at.

I had an appointment at the local beauty salon, as usual I harnessed up the dog, and left the house.
It wasn’t until I got to the alley which I use as a short cut, that I noticed something following us. I have to be honest and say that I panicked a bit, but I bravely reach out my hand to see if I could work out what it was, as I did so a huge bushy fox like tail brushed up against my finger tips.
At this point I freaked, I genuinely thought we had a fox stalking us to the beauty salon.

I made Tara go a little bit faster so we could get to the refuge which was to be Beautiful Escape, and I heard tap, tap, tapping of doggy claws behind us.

I made noises to encourage the lost dog, as I thought it was by now, to come over to us. I thought if I can keep it with us until we get there, I can enlist the help of the therapists.

I made it to the salon, with the dog trotting behind me, and one of the therapists sounded bewildered as she asked me, “Georgia, why have you brought Unity along as well?”.
Unity is my boyfriend Matt’s guide dog, and she clearly didn’t fancy staying in the house with him, she must’ve fancied getting her nails done as well.
This is probably my favourite one of them all. I think this actually happened on the same day as the shopping centre mishap, as I’d gone to get a Build A Bear as a present for a friends little girl.
Tara had her eye on the soft toys all the way round the shop, so I was pleased when we made it to the counter with no apparent incident. I paid for the teddy I’d designed, and we set off with our purchase.

We were half way down the shopping centre when a lady was shouting, “Stop!”, right behind us. Well, we stopped and the lady caught up with us, only to tell me that Tara had a counter display bear hanging out of her chops. Yes… Thats right, my guide dog is a thief.
I haven’t been in build a bear since!


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