Low Blow For Charity Tactics

I switched on the radio yesterday afternoon only to hear an extremely disturbing news story, an elderly lady had gone to the supermarket to buy her sick friend some flowers, only to be accosted by a charity tin rattler who proceeded to guilt trip her into handing over her money.

As I’ve said in previous posts I’m all for giving to charity, but I think its disgusting that people are being victimised in to donating funds.

After all, isn’t caring for a friend enough to pick out a bunch of flowers, and then going to that friend’s house to cheer them up a kind of charity, all be it closer to home.

The volunteers who give up there time to stand in all weathers to collect funds are to be admired, its generous, kind hearted, and vital work for a lot of charities.

However donating money should be a choice, not something you feel obliged to do because a volunteer has given you a speech about how else you could’ve spent that few pounds.

People work hard for the money they get, and it should be up to them where or when they decide to give to charity.

Let me know what your views on this issue are by commenting below.

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