Getting Inspired by The Knitting And Stitching Show 2015

I’ve written in previous posts about my new found love of crafting, so when I was invited to take a trip to the Knitting And Stitching show in London you can imagine how excited I was.

The show is a five day event held at Alexandra Palace, and thinking it would be ever so slightly less crowded we booked tickets to attend on Sunday, 11 October.

After a decent journey aided by the Sat Nav we arrived at 10:30 in the morning, and got straight in to browsing all of the wears on offer

We came across a lovely lady who was knitting jewellery, and on inspection it didn’t look anything like how I’d first imagined it would.

The item she was in the process of making was gorgeous, the jewellery was made by knitting with a thin wire, and inserting different coloured crystal and beads to the specified pattern.

After that stall there was only more and more beautiful wools, patterns, and inspiration to be found.

The show stopper had to be Sophia, the six foot crocheted flamingo, made by an Alpaca wool company… She was expertly crafted and so soft to the touch, but my burning question was how many balls of wool did it take to make it?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to ask this question as we were distracted by selfies and the like, and also the soft fluffy balls of wool on display.

I knew what knitting projects I had planned so I shopped accordingly, as well as buying some extra accessaries to help me in this task, but I also can honestly say that I’ve made a start on my Christmas shopping… I now just have to get round to the mammoth task of making them all!

If I could pin point one of my favourite parts of the show, then it would have to be going to visit the sewing machine section, but I hear you ask “When did I become so interested in sewing?”.

Well, actually only on Sunday, before then I had decided that this craft would be completely inaccessible due to sharp needles and no vision, I’m sure you get the picture.

However I couldn’t have been more wrong, I tried out a couple of different brands while I was there, and came across only one floor in some of the designs, this was the touch screen models.

Although, there were plenty of machines to choose from that had nicely laid out option panels, with large buttons that gave an audible beep as they were pressed.

So no, they didn’t talk or have braille, but considering these machines were never made with visually impaired users in mind, they could’ve been a whole lot more inaccessible.

The outcome of my perusing these stalls is that I would now love to own a sewing machine.

I’m not saying it will ever become my main craft, but it would complement my knitting nicely, and would in actual fact be easier for me to use in some ways than a traditional needle and thread.

I’ll definitely be attending the spring Knitting And Stitching show, but in the mean time I’ll keep you all up to date on my latest projects.

Watch this space as there will soon be a craft podcast by yours truly, I’ll post all of the details very soon.

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