What Is Normal?

I was browsing through Facebook the other day when I spotted a post that was doing the rounds about social networking platforms being a life-line to special needs families.

This made me think a little, how is it that we come to rely so heavily on technology to interact with one another.

Or is it that some people with a disadvantage of some sort still after all these years, aren’t fully accepted or integrated in to society.

So I asked myself a question, how much do I know about other disabilities, and the answer was not very much at all.

I’ve written here before about the funny instances that have occurred when people don’t know how best they can help me, but actually some of these things should never happen in the first place.

As a society we’re not very open about disability, and if it is portrayed in the media at all, then it goes either one of two ways, the negative benefit bums and scroungers living off of the tax payers money, or the amazing disable person who has made it through life against all of the odds.

On my blog I give you an insight in to the comical side of living with a disability, and there are of course lots of those moments, but no one talks about the everyday truth of actually having a disability.

For me it can sometimes be exhausting having to concentrate so hard on using my other senses, and how sometimes you get so stressed with everything and everyone, because your having a really bad day.

Of course this is only one disability that I’m representing, but I can see how having a forum where you can be anonymous and share the ups and downs of life with people who completely understand, and have probably experienced what your describing, can be liberating and most definitely a life-line in equal measure.

Unfortunately though, we still have a long way to go before normal becomes the person who is just a little bit different to you in some way, because when it really comes down to it, what is normal anyway?

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