Is home Made always Best?

Ok, so I’m going to come in with the opinion from the off, I love home made Christmas gifts!

So this year I’m going to try and make as many as possible, and avoid buying mass produced presents.

There is something so thoughtful about making something yourself, choosing what you’ll make them, and getting the materials, takes a lot more time than you’d think, and it doesn’t always work out cheaper, but at the end of it you can give your loved one a fantastically unique gift.

Last year I made hampers for all of the family; we bought a hamper basket kit from Amazon, which included baskets, paper shred, cellophane, and ribbon.

Then I had to decide what theme I was going to do, and find all of the items to go in it.

We eventually decided on something traditional, and in went cheeses, crackers, nuts, jam, chutney, chocolate, recipe cards, and a small votive candle from Yankee Candles.

We bought big bags of nuts, and separated it out in to smaller decorated paper bags to give it a more home made feel. We did the same for the crackers as well.

With the recipe cards I bought a box of them from eBay, and again separated a handful in to each basket.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to make the jams and chutney, but I did search for brands that looked like they had been made by hand.

The one I settled on had a hand written label, with paper over the lid secured by a rubber band.

We had a really fun evening sorting out all of the baskets, making sure all of the items were included, and then arranging the shred to protect the contents, and finally making them look attractive.

I then attached a hand written label to the bow, with the person’s name and a Christmas message.

The nice thing about hampers is that you don’t have to be particularly crafty, you just need to find a theme, source the items, and what they will be stored in, and away you go.

If you do want to make any of the items to go in the hamper, then BBC Good Food have some great recipe ideas, why not try your hand at their apple chutney, or traditional vanilla fudge?

I’m busy knitting my Christmas presents, and I’m just hoping that they will be finished in time for the Christmas!

Happy hamper making, whatever you decide to include.

Why not comment below with your own hamper suggestions.

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