Interesting Experience Working With The BBC

The other week I spent two days with the lovely team at BBC Out Reach, creating a documentary style film about a charity called Blind In Business.

This charity helps blind and visually impaired graduates find employment, by giving them the skills to compete with their sighted counterparts.

By interviewing different people we were able to find out exactly how, and what, Blind In Business has done to help them.
It was great for me to work alongside media professionals interviewing so many different people, from a vast array of backgrounds, and find out their personal stories.

I always love talking to people and finding out what is unique about them, whether it is how they have overcome challenges or just what is interesting to them.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the final edit of the film, as everyone had an inspiring story to share.

It can be extremely difficult for disabled people to find suitable employment, and I have my own experiences of how hard it can be to secure that first job.

So thats why its great to have the support of a charity that understands disability, and in particular visual impairment that you can turn to.

Blind In Business offer tailor made support suited to your needs, so if you need more practice with interviewing, or you just need someone to help look over your CV, its worth giving them a call to see how they can help you.

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