Five things that make studying with the Open University awesome

1. Where else can you study diligently in your pyjamas?
Whether its attending online tutorials or writing an assignment, it can all be done from the comfort of your own sofa, in pyjamas… Fantastic.

2. Likewise you could also study in the nude.
I’ve never done this, but I’m just saying that it is entirely possible… anything goes as long as that assignment is in on time.

3. Speaking your mind.
You can tell your lecturer exactly what you think about that bat cat crazy topic that has been slotted in to the curriculum for reasons unknown to anyone on earth, all be it aloud, in front of your computer, which she will never find out about because you have Facebook open and your not brave enough to write an email anyway.

4. You can study with your pets.
Where else but the OU can you bring your pets to school? My case is closed.

5. Studying where ever you like.
If you fancy studying in the pub, or on a train, then its all good as your text books can go where ever you go. Right, see you all later I’m off to the pub.

If your an Open University student tell me what your favourite thing is about studying with them in the comments section.

Happy studying fellow students.

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