Features and Presenting


On this page you will find a selection of audio goodies connected with my work in broadcasting. There are a few mockups, but most of the clips are taken from features I’ve produced that have actually been broadcasted on one station or another, or studio recordings of shows I’ve presented.

To play the audio clips you can either click the button next to the clip you want to hear, or use the playlist on the right. The player will work with most browsers that support HTML5 as well as quite a few that don’t. Enjoy…

Clip Title Play Description
Guide Dogs – victims of attack! Click to play This is taken from an interview I did recently, with a young woman who’s guide dog was viciously attacked on the streets of London!
Talking ATMs- Interview with Barclays Bank Click to play This is an interview I did recently, with Barclays Bank about their plans for Talking cash machines.