You can find samples of my work on this page. Just click on the “Play Audio” link to listen to each sample.

Clip Title Play Description
Paint Box sample Click to play This ballad is a stormy but hauntingly beautiful musical canvus of emotions. I wrote this a couple of years ago when I experienced my first major break-up.
London Town sample Click to play Its a social comment on the state of London’s streets today, inspired by the words of a friend who said “I’ll go to London if I absolutely have to, but I could never live there. Its grimey smelly far too crowded and I always feel dirty when I get home and have to take a shower.”
Street Life sample Click to play This is my live performance of Street Life, most famously recorded by Randy Crawford in 1979. This song, written by Crusaders keyboard player Joe Sample, was inspired by the view from the top of Mammoth Mountain in California.”